We can handle reactions from single-step to more complex, difficult multi-step from gram to kilogram with the excellent R&D team to meet your special requirements.

We can provide the following test reports according to the requirements of customers: 1. Certificate of analysis 2. Mass spectrum 3. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum 4. Infrared spectrum 5. Ultraviolet spectrum 6.Other items required by customers.

Our company can sign the non-disclosure agreement with the customers according to the requirements of customers; and we will strictly comply with the non-disclosure agreement.

We welcome custom synthesis! Compounds available upon request. 

Core Technology:

•Low temperature reaction technology (Metal/halogen replacement, Halogen dancing, Boric Acid technology, etc.)

• Coupling reaction technology (Suzuki coupling, etc.)

• Heterocyclic chemical technology (Pyridine, Indole, Pyrimidine, Pyrrole, Thiophene, Pyrazine, Furan, Oxazole, Boric Acid, etc.)

• Asymmetric synthesis technology (Chiral epoxy technology, Enzyme catalysis technology, etc.)

• Other core technologies (Bromination, Phosgenation, Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Grignard reaction, Continuity reaction, etc.)